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Ripe with tradition and influence, the P1B/03 Japan inspired Off-Series is a journey through the history and geography of the eastern archipelago. The multi-level interface incorporates rhodium and translucent discs surrounded by a white bezel made of ceramic, a nod to the enduring popularity of the tea ceremony. Never without symbolism, the base plate is pressed rhodium in a popular block-print wave pattern. Meticulously raked white sand found in zen gardens suggest water and purity on the opalin silver second layer while gun metal hour indicators at 1H, 3H, 5H, 7H and 11H represent rocks which are precisely placed as a symbol of permanence. The cherry wood animation ring takes inspiration from the seasonal gift of the Cherry Blossom Festival, celebrated throughout the country and around the world


Like the ubiquitous valve that patinas with good use, the S2/01 is a study of the hard-working machines that helped define the second industrial revolution. The rhodium and antique brass open design detail surrounded by an antique brass animation ring of the S2/01 shows the deep appreciation for the valve as the workhorse of the industrial revolution. The S2/01 is a noteworthy timepiece that exemplifies for the individual, the pride and progression of its industrial revolution influences


Taking inspirations from industrial barrels, the V1/01 features a stainless steel circular box with squared edges and a sunray brushed bezel. Four layers of alternating white and silver discs use the “additioner principle” to indicate time by adding 0+, 4+ and 8+ to the 0-4 scaled 120° hour indicator and summing 00, 20+, 40+ on the 00-20 seconds disc

Equipped with the FAST Strap Changer (FSC), the “quick release” pins can be removed without special tools

Spinning cotton into workable threads, the P1B/02 BRIGHT takes inspiration from the industrial essence cotton-spinning machinery. The five layer multi-level stainless steel interface is finished with matt, opaline and diamond cut treatment and white discs with a Super-Luminova® filled red hour hand and grey colored minute hand. The box is a polished stainless steel case with a white silicone animation ring

The M2/02 takes inspirations from copper pipes, a quintessential mechanical element during the industrial revolution. Featuring a stainless steel box with rose gold PVD treatment and a polished rose gold PVD identification plate, the M2/02 has a dark grey mirror PVD treated bezel with rose gold highlights. It’s stainless steel animation ring is sandblasted dark grey PVD while the interface is comprised of seven dark grey and rose gold layers, alternately finished in cast iron grain stamped pattern, opalin, matt and satin. Three customized discs indicating hours, minutes and seconds allows time reading from right to left